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At Churchill House we are always working hard to help our students learn English more effectively. As well as offering high quality classes, we also aim to help students continue their English studies online. This Online English resource site is designed to provide help and inspiration to EFL students who are interested in improving their general language skills, finding the answer to their English grammar questions, or simply looking for new ways to broaden their vocabulary. We also have a dedicated section of guides for all of the major international language examinations such as IELTS or the Cambridge exams. Please select from the options below to continue improving your English.

  • English Exercises

    We have created some of our own English exercises for students to test their…

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  • Exam Guides

    There are so many English language exams available these days that it can be…

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  • Useful Learning Websites

    This is not meant to be the longest list of links for EFL/ESL teachers…

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  • Ask A Language Question

    Ask any English language question and one of our teachers will answer you personally.…

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  • Learning Videos

    Useful video tips and lessons given by Churchill House teachers. Keep checking in as…

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