Student Information


At Churchill House we feel that connecting with our students is very important. Whether you are a current student, an ex-student or are planning to study at Churchill House in the future, we want you to feel part of our school's family. In this section of our website we have included things that we think our students would like to know. We have detailed our online student login process, included some of the highlights of project work from our junior summer centres, and have added a news page. Students can also see what is happening at Churchill House by following us on any of our social media platforms.


  • Student Login

    All Churchill House students can log into their own online profile to view the details of their course,…

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  • Project Work

    Please see a selection of our students’ project work below:

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  • News

    Please check out our social media for all the latest news at Churchill House Ramsgate and all of…

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